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Finished Doing a Small Part on Japanese TV

Monday, September 26th, 2016

I was really surprised when I got the call from my agent, because obviously I am looking for work in this country, the USA. However it turned out that the Japanese drama was filming an episode in Burbank. I am not really getting to do that much, I have one line and I have to get punched in the face. Of course that is something which plays a big part in all of the work that I have had so far. In truth much of it is as much stunt work as it is acting. When I started out in the business I was still playing high school football. It was pretty easy for me to get involved in the staging of fight scenes and I have acquired the knack for doing a good job at fight scenes. Obviously the trick is to make it look as though the other person really hit you, although it is really overacting usually. (more…)


Started Remodeling an Old Church

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Of course when it is done, the family is going to have a really big place and it is going to be extremely unique. However it is not going to be a simple process to say the very least. I know that the big issue is going to be figuring out who to do the HVAC in NYC. It is going to take a good long time to do the job and of course you do not have a residential system. This is an ancient system that was built some time in the olden days, around 1970 from what I was able to tell so far. It is not going to be possible to go down to the hardware store and get spare parts for this old thing. (more…)