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My Sister Was Arrested for Possession

Monday, August 14th, 2017

No one was more surprised than me when my sister was arrested for drug possession. I guess her close friends knew that she was using, but none of us in the family were aware until she was charged with a felony. She was ashamed and embarrassed, but that did not stop me from reaching out to her. I knew that we needed to get her a great drug lawyer in Latham NY because she is a divorced mother of two children, and I was worried that her ex would use this against her.

That was not the only reason though. I realized that she had a problem that she had been doing her best to hide from the rest of us, and I wanted her to beat the addiction that had her under its control. She allowed me to hire her a lawyer. I wanted one that was going to focus on her case and fight for her rather than a public defender who was probably overworked and juggling a ton of cases. (more…)