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Moving to District 10 is a Dream Come True

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

I love looking at new condo developments on my computer. I usually look because I am bored, but I was thrilled when my husband told me that he wanted us to move to District 10 because of a job transfer he really wanted to take advantage of. He would be in training for this new position at his current location, so we had time to look and find what we truly wanted. After looking at so many different developments, I knew that Sloane Residences in Singapore is the one for us. When I showed all the information to my husband, he readily agreed with me.

The Sloane Residences is located on Balmoral Road. In fact, it is situated right in the middle of it. What is so appealing to me about it is that it is a mixture of both old homes and new, and it is just appealing. Even though it is in the middle of everything, it does not look or feel crowded because of how it is laid out. It has an open feel to it, and that too is appealing to me. (more…)