How to Really Get a Rental or Leased Property Cleaned for a New Tenant or Lessee

I have seen some awful messes left by tenants who move. If you have any experience as a landlord, you know that even what you consider the best tenant can be a dirty person. They might never clean their apartments or condos. They may smoke. They make cook foods where the odors seem to seep into the very structures of the buildings. Plus, some people may lack some good hygiene principles. This is why I do a no questions asked professional cleanup when someone moves. I use a company that does post tenancy cleaning for Singapore rental and leased properties. They do a fantastic job of eradicating any dirt, grime or odors leftover from the previous occupant of a rental property that I own.

I am amazed at how well they can clean a place. I have toured vacant rental properties disgusted with the dirt and grime and smells. When I come back to give it a second look after the professional cleaning crew has been there, I am impressed. All the filth is gone and everything is polished and shining. Nothing smells either. And I mean there is no smell. No smell whatsoever. That is when it is really clean. If you smell disinfectants or air fresheners, that is a scam way of tricking someone that a place is clean. It just masks odors.

I have had the company we use that does post tenancy cleaning for Singapore clean apartments where there was heavy smoking and pets, and the places are clean enough to get approved by someone who cannot stand smoking or has allergies over pet hair and dander. It makes a real difference to have places cleaned professionally. I would not even know where to begin with some of these places. The pros know where to start and what all will be involved in truly cleaning the place up for a new tenant occupation.


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